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Septic Tank Cleaning and Pumping

Emptying household septic tank. Cleaning sludge from septic system.

You’ve so much to worry about around your home, it can be difficult to remember what needs to be maintained when and how often. We understand that, but we’ve also seen the results of what happens when people forget to regularly maintain their septic tanks. Trust us, you don’t want that in your home. Cleaning and pumping are two services that are crucial for the overall health and function of your septic tanks.

We are the Dallas septic service that can provide both services for you. We provide the best range of septic system services in Dallas. So you don’t need to worry about your tank.

Cleaning vs. Pumping

Although the terms are used interchangeably, they are not exactly the same service. Pumping the simple process of removing all the water and liquid, with the solid waste that remains in it, from your septic tank, it doesn’t remove of the built-up sludge or slime that may be stuck to your tank. That’s when you need a clean, which removes all the waste build up in your tank.

Both are important for the overall health of your septic tank and system, though getting your septic tank pumped regularly is probably more important. Cleaning is only really necessary when your septic tank needs a really good, deep clean.


Ideally, you should be getting your septic tank pumped every few years. The problem is most people take their septic tanks for granted and never get this service done. Forgetting to get this done and can consequences on your tank and home.

The longer your tank is allowed to sit without being pumped, the more wastes and sludge can build up and be more difficult to remove. This probably means you’ll need to be a septic tank cleaning more often, which is more difficult and expensive, although cleaning is necessary eventually, even with regular pumping. Getting on top of the problem before it becomes a real issue is important.

Cleaning stops clogging

Although a more in-depth service then pumping, cleaning your septic tank is eventually necessary to maintain its good health and function. The biggest advantage of cleaning is that it stops clogging, which will eventually lead to a whole range of issues. Cleaning removes all the hard to clean waste that has begun to gather in your tank.

Pumping, although helping to prevent build up from occurring by removing the liquid while some solids still remain in it, doesn’t get rid of build ups once they accrue and stick. So getting your tank cleaned is important. Dallas septic tank cleaning doesn’t get any better than with us.


Having your septic tank cleaned and pumped on the correct regular basis the is the best way to ensure it continues to function as it should. Without regular maintenance, things can go wrong. When things go wrong with your septic tank the end result is not something you want to experience. Stay on step ahead of it all and get your septic tank regularly cleaned and pumped to avoid any issues.