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Septic System Installation and Repair

Environmentally friendly septic tank being lowered into ground.

Septic tanks aren’t necessarily a fit for every home. But what’s the alternative? We can install a septic system. A septic system is set up that is different from a septic tank in a few keys ways, though their function is basically the same.

Septic systems can also provide a range of great benefits for your home and what you are trying to set up. So if this sounds appealing to you, or you wish to know more, you can talk to us today about installing a septic system in your home, or repairing your current one. We are the Dallas septic service that can do it all.

Septic system vs. Septic Tank

So what’s the difference between a septic tank and system? Well, both are built with the same basic principle in mind, to break down waste material that’s created in your home and sent down the drains. It’s the way they break down the materiel and how they dispose of it that’s different. Septic tanks rely on a natural, chemical process. A septic system is a mechanical process. When it comes to disposal of water, they are also different. Septic tanks only make the water about 70% clean, meaning it has to be treated further before being released back into the environment.

Septic systems create much cleaner water, at around 95% clean, so it can be released directly into your garden to be absorbed or washed away.


A septic system has many great advantages. They are easier and cheaper to maintain and install, as they self-contained and don’t require to be linked up with any sewer systems.  This not only saves your money also doesn’t require your yard to be dug up and destroyed to insert pipes, meaning it’s more environmentally friendly. Along with this, septic systems are designed in such a way that blockages are a far less common problem, saving you both money and stress when it comes to maintenance. They are real greener and easier alternative, no matter where you live.


As part of our range of services we also offer installation of septic systems. We are the septic system services in Dallas that can get a septic system installed in your home. As mentioned, they are easier and cheaper to install than septic tanks, meaning more money in your pocket and less time inconvenienced. You can enjoy the great benefits they have to offer with our simple installation service.


Although septic systems come with a range of great advantages, they still can require repair from time to time. This is especially relevant as they rely on machinery to function properly, not a natural, gravity driven process like a septic tank.

We offer repair should your system require it. Beyond this, we also offer a range of preventive measures, including septic system pumping, that can help to mitigate the chances of something going wrong with your set up. So whatever occurs, you don’t need to worry. We are the septic service in Dallas that has got you covered.